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Your pretty for a __________. Insert nationality/race here. A question/topic for the serious…

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards


“You’re pretty for a black girl…”

and other rude comments made…


So here I am sitting at Spot Coffee with 2 friends of mine and the topic of interracial dating comes up between black women and white men. The situation here was over my friend Alyssa (black) being approached and pursued by a white male that ultimately ended when he said that dreaded sentence “your really pretty for black chick…”

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Being Beautiful

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

If someone asked me to describe myself til this day I would say:

  14I have slanted eyes which I don’t mind

My forehead is huge lol I’ve told myself its okay because I’m SMART..ha!

I dye my hair black or a golden brown honey color  most days now I never liked the off brown color my parents gave me

I have a flat rather large nose that I hate and my teeth are straight but I feel like they could be perfected

I’ve got huge cheeks and dimples and my chin is short….I have a fat face period! multiply the padding on a decent face x 5 and you’ve got me.

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Taste in music and what it says about you…

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

Why Im so pleased you asked lol. Here is a mash up of whats in my recently played items and top:

  1. The whole Free the Universe Album by Major Lazer
  2. So Good by Destiny’s Child (throw back) lol
  3. Tyler the Creator mash up
  4. Emilio Rojas
  5. Eric Sosa
  6. Lady Tragik
  7. Yes by Beyonce
  8. One Blood by Junior Reid
  9. Only U by Ashanti
  10. Yellow by Cold play
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Hair Jesus

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

imageDid I mention Nelson let’s me tame his furry lol?!  🙂 I’m a proud lady as of 3am he let me reshape his facial hair taper his sides and rid his unibrow lol thought I’d share before bed (not like you care) but hey lol I can do what I please your welcome to enjoy my do whateverness or not. But I must admit that this was a long time in the making! lol Thank LAWDDDDDD (black church voice) his hair grows faster than light because I’ve been known to send him to work with the ” you look like you just had a run in with the lawn equipment” look lol. Tips for cutting your partners hair:

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Colored Expectations

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

Colored Expectations

This is a section out of my diary (which I keep on my mac) and I thought Id share it since my blog is pretty bare being that I just decided to share with the world what I was thinking.

October 6th 2012

I consider myself African-American and although my roots branch off into many other soils the visual truth is that you would see me as “black”. If I told you my grandfather was Haliwa-Saponi Indian and my grandmother was African-American, my mother a combo of both, my father Haitian American, and me some mixture of it all you would still see me as “black” and I’m fine with that because I know me and I know the color of my skin. As a black woman I can tell you now the stereotypes are NOT always correct as I myself have had my quite ignorance proven wrong lol . Let me give you some background on a conversation that took place between my mother, grandmother, sister, and I. I had pretty much introduced the idea that I would be moving 700 miles away into the city with a man my family had never met before. If that wasnt enough to hold the pause button the fact that when I said he was Spanish was. Because the mouths on my grandmother and my mother fell open in shock. 

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Picking my dirt…

Published April 16, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

Today I set back and just viewed what changes I need to make in my life and what goals I’d like to set for myself. I’m a late bloomer. I wasted my youth in the foolish ” I’m young I have time ” stage and life just sort of seemed to pass me by. Well here I am 24 and ready to attack my old self head on with plots of revenge for the “naysayers” and so much more. I’m fueled for the journey but lets see how long that last me as I have never really stuck to something whole heartedly. And for the title ” Picking my dirt…” Well as I mentioned I’m a late bloomer and flowers need a foundation of dirt to grow in right? And not just any dirt they need the kind of dirt that one can expect to yield a beautiful garden from right? Then there you go! I’m pretty much digging up the troubles and struggles (weeds) in my life one by one and going at it with force. Ex boyfriend, boyfriend, family, work, lifestyle, attitude, faith the whole damn flower bed lol. I want to have a beautiful set of flowers to show forth to the world when I finally show all that I’ve personally been working on. So without wondering exactly what these things are I’ve gone ahead and listed a few things that I feel need a more aggressive  weeding out:

  1. My very rocky friendship with the ex love of my life 😐 no seriously who hasn’t been here once…twice…or maybe even a few more than that lol!?!
  2. My current relationship with Nelson.
  3. My W E I G H T ( personally we wont even go there lol it’s another blog for another day and I could spend hours on that topic alone )
  4. My employment situation
  5. My apartment situation
  6. My car situation
  7. My $$$ situation ( sometimes we could all take a closer look at what’s been leaving our pockets and how fast it’s coming in)

Well that’s my immediate list of things that need some attention now what I tackle first is the question here…

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