Picking my dirt…

Published April 16, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

Today I set back and just viewed what changes I need to make in my life and what goals I’d like to set for myself. I’m a late bloomer. I wasted my youth in the foolish ” I’m young I have time ” stage and life just sort of seemed to pass me by. Well here I am 24 and ready to attack my old self head on with plots of revenge for the “naysayers” and so much more. I’m fueled for the journey but lets see how long that last me as I have never really stuck to something whole heartedly. And for the title ” Picking my dirt…” Well as I mentioned I’m a late bloomer and flowers need a foundation of dirt to grow in right? And not just any dirt they need the kind of dirt that one can expect to yield a beautiful garden from right? Then there you go! I’m pretty much digging up the troubles and struggles (weeds) in my life one by one and going at it with force. Ex boyfriend, boyfriend, family, work, lifestyle, attitude, faith the whole damn flower bed lol. I want to have a beautiful set of flowers to show forth to the world when I finally show all that I’ve personally been working on. So without wondering exactly what these things are I’ve gone ahead and listed a few things that I feel need a more aggressive  weeding out:

  1. My very rocky friendship with the ex love of my life 😐 no seriously who hasn’t been here once…twice…or maybe even a few more than that lol!?!
  2. My current relationship with Nelson.
  3. My W E I G H T ( personally we wont even go there lol it’s another blog for another day and I could spend hours on that topic alone )
  4. My employment situation
  5. My apartment situation
  6. My car situation
  7. My $$$ situation ( sometimes we could all take a closer look at what’s been leaving our pockets and how fast it’s coming in)

Well that’s my immediate list of things that need some attention now what I tackle first is the question here…

2 comments on “Picking my dirt…

    • I know but I guess it’s the “oh shit” factor of who am I and what mark will I leave. Im not a bad person but I feel I could do so much more in life and time is running out. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but I don’t want to waste anymore time figuring out the “figuring out” I just wasn’t to do it yanno?

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