Hair Jesus

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

imageDid I mention Nelson let’s me tame his furry lol?!  🙂 I’m a proud lady as of 3am he let me reshape his facial hair taper his sides and rid his unibrow lol thought I’d share before bed (not like you care) but hey lol I can do what I please your welcome to enjoy my do whateverness or not. But I must admit that this was a long time in the making! lol Thank LAWDDDDDD (black church voice) his hair grows faster than light because I’ve been known to send him to work with the ” you look like you just had a run in with the lawn equipment” look lol. Tips for cutting your partners hair:

  1. Ask him what he wants and if all possible use his newly grown hair lines as a guide.
  2. Trim his hair 2 settings higher than normal. This will ensure that you know what you’re doing without taking off so much. If it looks good crank it to whatever setting he’s good with. Nelson likes to trim his facial hair to a “1”.
  3. I always trace the outline of his face first along the newly grown hair ( this hair will be lighter than the rest because it’s the most recent grown in and wont match up to the length of the previous cut)
  4. I use a straight razor to clean up his edges after I’ve used a trimmer/ t blade to shape. I would not recommend using a straight razor if you never used one before! SHARP isn’t the word and depending on the pressure you put on it and the angle you hold it, it could mean the difference between a buck-50 and a nice clean-cut lol.
  5. mustache eh- he’s on his own I have him press his lips together and make a roof between his nose and lips and follow his lip line to clean off the rest (think cha cha cha)
  6. Always start from the middle when doing his hair-line and never push it back lol pull down.

Any way goodnight lol



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