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Your pretty for a __________. Insert nationality/race here. A question/topic for the serious…

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards


“You’re pretty for a black girl…”

and other rude comments made…


So here I am sitting at Spot Coffee with 2 friends of mine and the topic of interracial dating comes up between black women and white men. The situation here was over my friend Alyssa (black) being approached and pursued by a white male that ultimately ended when he said that dreaded sentence “your really pretty for black chick…”

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Taste in music and what it says about you…

Published April 17, 2013 by beautifulbymystandards

Why Im so pleased you asked lol. Here is a mash up of whats in my recently played items and top:

  1. The whole Free the Universe Album by Major Lazer
  2. So Good by Destiny’s Child (throw back) lol
  3. Tyler the Creator mash up
  4. Emilio Rojas
  5. Eric Sosa
  6. Lady Tragik
  7. Yes by Beyonce
  8. One Blood by Junior Reid
  9. Only U by Ashanti
  10. Yellow by Cold play
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